Come Visit Our New Yoga Studio

Most affordable YOGA in town and Oshtemo's premier YOGA Center


Held in Sands Performance Center at 635 N 9th St Suite C (located around the building downstairs from our Chiropractic office) We currently offer classes ranging from beginner to upper intermediate level. Classes are offered almost every day of the week!

While walk-ins are welcome, registration is highly encouraged! Classes with less than 2 clients registered will be canceled 12 hours in advance. So register today to be sure that the class you're interested in will be held!

Current Schedule:

Monday: 5:30PM - Earth Flow (Grace)

Tuesday: 7:00PM - Beginning Yoga (Zsuzsi)

Wednesday: 7:30AM - Healing Hatha (Seong-hee)

                       5:30PM - Warm Power Yoga (Emily)

Thursday: 5:30PM - Earth Flow (Zsuzsi)

Friday: 9:00AM - Healing Hatha (Seong-hee)

Saturday: 9:00AM - Vinyasa Flow (Joy)

*Sunday: 12:00PM - *Rotating schedule

Sunday Classes are held based on client interest. Clients MUST register to attend Sunday class. 


Class Descriptions:

Energizing Vinyasa: Use pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (postures) to energize and flow with your breath. Feel strong, open and ready for your week after this practice.

Earth Flow: Earth Flow will put you back in touch with the ground beneath your feet. This class will incorporate slower-paced series of postures with longer holds and deeper breaths.

Vinyasa Flow: This class will take you on a gradual progression or a step-by-step approach that systematically and appropriately takes you from one point and safely lands you at the next point.

Korean Hatha: This class will use breathing techniques known as pranayama. Using yoga stretches & posture that stimulate energy using traditional practices of ki, also known as chi.

Warm Power Yoga: This will get you moving with your breath while providing a fun challenge to help increase strength and flexibility in the body as well as help focus the mind.

Beginner Yoga: This class is designed for those new to yoga. Also for those wanting a more gentle practice at a slower pace. Individual instruction on alignment and breath as well as energetic benefits for the postures and breath will be given.

Our Yoga Instructors:

Joy - Yoga Instructor: Joy has been teaching dance and fitness classes since 2005. She has studied a variety of styles, including: ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, African, and belly dancing. She also teaches Pilates and is a certified Yoga instructor through YogaFit. You'll find her teaching downstairs in the performance center.


 Zsuzsi - Yoga Instructor: Zsuzsa Erdi is an RYT 200, She has been teaching yoga since November 2014. She received her certification from Intentional Yoga.
"I deeply value the benefits of yoga. This is my personal mission to spread the power of yoga. Your body is the brush painting on the mat. The mat is your canvas where you explore and let go all the negative energy to find the positive  loving self, the clam and peaceful mind.

Grace - Yoga Instructor: Grace DeHaan RN, BSN, RYT has over 14 years of clinical experience as a nurse and has been teaching yoga since 2013.My practice and teachings are dedicated to the expression of optimal health~mind, body and spirit.

Emily - Yoga Instructor: 
Emily has been practicing yoga since college and has been teaching yoga since 2012 with a passion for vinyasa flow. She strives to use breath and movement to help people clear their minds and strengthen their bodies.

Seong-hee: Yoga Instructor: Before I started to practice yoga, I was suffering badly from chronic lower back and sciatic pain for several years. When I had the opportunity to study and practice Hatha yoga in Korea in 2013, I finally got relief from my pain. Given my own personal experience, I’m confident that yoga can heal our bodies and our minds. Korean Hetha yoga is a healing yoga that emphasizes the alignment of your body, the strength of your core muscles, and the circulation of ki (energy).

Carolyn - Yoga Instructor: