Healthier Living Through Alternative Thinking






Sands Chiropractic & Performance Center, LLC is your state-of-the-art chiropractic, sports rehab and wellness center in Southwest Michigan. We strive to help every patient meet their health care by crafting individualized treatment plans in a nurturing and caring environment. We try to meet this goal in minimal time and financial commitments on your part. Our services include:

  • Specialized chiropractic care (Palmer Pkg, Motion Palpation, ART, McKenzie, Performance for Life)
  • Massage therapy (Myofascial, Deep tissue, Swedish, Trigger Point)
  • Digital X-ray Radiology Services
  • Sports Rehab * Stability Gym Ball Classes
  • Low Level Cold Laser & Custom Orthotics
  • Nutritional Therapy (Standard Process, Metagenics, ASEA)
  • Nutritional Response Testing
  • SP Purification Programs
  • Bioimpedance Analysis & Fitness
  • ** Our Clinic is open 6 days/ week for patients**

We are so excited to meet you and help you reach optimal potential!!!!